1Progressive Lunch Tour
August 2017

5 Model T’s, 3 Model A’s and 1 Oakland met at the Shell station on Blossom Hill Rd to start our day of driving around the Valley and eating!!!

Tour leader Nikkie said our first stop was the Greenbergs, just down the road from the Shell Station, but it would take us around 30 minutes to get there. No we didn’t walk, we drove a beautiful route around Almaden Valley area through beautiful homes and some great scenery. When we arrived at the Greenbergs, Glenn and Vicki were there. We sat round in the beautiful backyard enjoying our salads (Lucy made 3 different types of green salad) and cornbread muffins talking with great friends. After bathroom stops we all loaded up into the cars and drove up through the Camden, Willow Glen and Rose Garden areas of San Jose to reach the Smith’s. The guys were impressed with Dan’s driveway. There are strips of cement with a center line of grass to hold all the markings of our T’s. Don’t have to worry about oil on the cement. After a delicious meal of lasagna, green beans and French bread we took a group picture in the Smith’s lovely backyard. We enjoyed seeing the garage that holds Dan’s cars also has a train track. Then off to Sunnyvale we went. The Christensens hosted a lovely dessert table with rum cake, zucchini cake and Chuck’s famous Snickerdoodle cookies. Again after a nice sit down in the back yard relaxing and enjoying the desserts with great friends, we headed in different directions to home.

Thank you Nikkie for all your coordination! This was a great tour and thank you to Lucy and Alan Greenberg, Dan and AnneMarie Smith and Helen and Chuck Christensen for hosting the Progressive Tour. Another great day with friends.

Mary Beaman

Salad: Allan & Lucy Greenberg

Main Course: Dan & Ann Smith

Dessert: Chuck & Helen Christensen


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