Sculptures, Soup and Puzzles Tour
February 2019

February 9, 2019: The rain which had been constant for days took a small break just for our tour. Since it was a rain or shine tour, we cranked up the runabout and put the side curtains on (which seem to have shrunk an inch all around) and headed for the meeting location. We had just a few drops of rain on the windshield just to remind us that ole Mother Nature could dampen the day if she wanted to. Two more T's showed up (Troed Johnson & Beamans) and six modern cars (Bratts, Christensens, Greenbergs, Archers, Fontaines and Grover Steele. So off we went, twisting and turning, must have covered every street in Los Altos, (it took three pages of instructions to cover all the sculptures). The drill was when we came to a sculpture, we would pause momentarily and either Pat or I would wave our arms and point, and then the following cars would wave and point and pass it on. It actually worked pretty well. I think most folks spotted almost all of the statuary (We had 34 sculptures on the list). On some of the backtracking streets, the leaders actually would meet the end cars on their way to the turnaround point. It was fun.

At the end of the tour we ended up at Pat's Soup Kitchen, that famous mini-bistro in the hills. We were joined there by Camicias and Barbara Beach and her neighbor. A total of 21 folks sampled the four kinds of soup that were on the kitchen counter, they must have been good, there wasn't much left at the end of the day. Garage tour and jigsaw puzzles provided the entertainment with lots of dessert! Only problem is that I have an unfinished puzzle which will drive me nuts until it is finished. Just for a bit of trivia, folks were asked to guess at how many port-a-potties we passed on the tour. Guesses were all over the map, but Bill Bratt came the closest by guessing 14 (the real number was 16). Good day, the rain began again in the evening and did not let up for 24 hours. Thanks for small favors.

Bob Meneely