Egyptian Museum Tour
February 2022

February 19, 2022:
Five T's, one B, and five moderns met at the starting point in Saratoga on a beautiful blue sky day. Our tour leader this month was Pres. Barbara Beach. Leaving the meeting point, we did a little circle around Stevens Creek Reservoir just to make sure all the T's could still climb a hill or two, and then made a beeline to the Egyptian Museum. I think everyone enjoyed looking at the artifacts and antiquities from millenniums past. The collection is quite large, so many things to look at, one visit is not enough. When we absorbed as much as we could in this one visit, we adjourned to the Rose Garden which is just around the corner from the museum. We picked a nice sunny spot and the group formed a big circle for a picnic lunch on the grass. As we were finishing up lunch, we spied a pushcart ice cream vendor on the other side of the park. Barbara dashed after him, and brought him back to our group, where I think we made his day. Serendipity strikes again, what would a Model T tour be without ice cream? Thanks to Barbara for setting up the tour, I think all had a good time.

Bob Meneely

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Photos provided by Bob Meneely
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