Endurance Run and Lowland Tour
June 2022

Endurance Run 2022 was based in the Niles District of Fremont. Morning lineup was in the municipal parking lot which is deserted in the early hours of a Sunday morning. We had 18 speedsters registered and 18 showed at the starting line. Two columns of speedsters were flanked by a column of Lowland cars on either side (about 22 total).
At the magic hour, the national anthem was played, and "gentlemen, start your engines" was heard. This took a minute or two to get everyone running. It is hard to tell whether or not your car is running when that many speedsters fire up those unmuffled exhausts.
The green flag fell and away we went. Headed West then doubled back all the way along the foothills to Sierra Road. You know about Sierra Road, don't you, a steep test for a Model T, enough to start worrying about that front main bearing starving for oil. I don't know about the other folks but my little stock engine speedster required low Ruckstell, low pedal on the steeper portions. And, as we labored up to the top, twisting and turning and rolling left and right, we marveled that the Tour de California bicycle race uses this road on many of their events. I cannot imagine going full speed down that hill on a bicycle, gutsy.
At the top, we stopped at the first check point and enjoyed the view of the Santa Clara Valley below. If you have never been up there on a clear day, it is worth the trouble, the view is magnificent. And it must be awesome at night. And then onward, circling around to Felter Road for the descent down to a right downhill turn onto Calaveras Road. This took us around Calaveras Reservoir which was a great drive, on a newly surfaced road, and eventually we ended up in Sunol at the train station for our second check point.
From Sunol, we wound through Pleasanton and Livermore to Patterson Pass Road, which somehow, I had never been on before. This required some more steep climbing up though the windmill farms and past a lot of happy cattle on the grassy hills. We descended on the other side of the Altamont Hills down into the San Joaquin Valley and crossed over Interstate 5, but not before stopping at a lonely Mobil station just in case, let's not run out of gas on the hills going back.
Headed east down the valley past warehouse heaven out there in Tracy, what on earth is in all those warehouses? Eventually, we found our way onto Corral Road and went back up and over the Altamont Hills. It was on this stretch that we did a self check point. We had to identify a site number for a Livermore Labs facility and enter it on our checkpoint cards. It was also on this leg that we found out why they have windmills on the Altamont. I swear, it was blowing hard enough to take the paint off the car. I thought the leather strap on my helmet was going to let go. On this side of the Altamont, I think they need to change the name of Corral Road to Speedbump Launching Road. Some traffic people are definitely over-zealous. Way too many bumps, way too high, must drive the folks that live out there crazy.
Our return route took us through the vineyard section of Livermore and then we made the dash for home down Niles Canyon Road. We were checker flagged in as we passed by the vintage Flying A Station in Niles.

Bob Meneely

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The Winners & Drivers
11st Place
Stephen Hite &
Jeff Nielsen
22nd Place
Ed Archer &
Leslie Kent
33rd Place
Mike Robinson & Dawna Robinson
Youngest Driver
Oliver Johnson

Oldest Driver
Ed Archer

Photos provided by Dan Gulko
Click here for photos provided by Ivan Jorgensen
Click here for photos provided by Nancy Albury
Click here for photos provided by Bob Meneely