Progressive Lunch Tour
October 15, 2022

On a cloudy morning, 10 cars met at the Rancho Shopping Center on Foothill Expressway in Los Altos. Nikkie & Dan Gulko gave a short drivers' meeting and then we took off to our first stop. At the beginning there were 5 Model T's, 1 1932 Ford, 1 Model A, and 2 moderns. We took a very interesting route through various neighborhoods to arrive at our first destination, the home of Oliver Johnson and his parents, Vicky & Larry Johnson. Vicky put out a fabulous spread of food including deviled eggs, donuts, all kinds of fruit, cheese & crackers. Juice, coffee and too many other things to mention. It was all so delicious.

After stuffing ourselves, we took off for the drive to our second location, lunch at the home of Sara & Ivan Jorgensen. At this point, Oliver & his parents joined the caravan of cars in their Model T. We again drove through neighborhoods that made the drive very interesting, going through streets you had never been on before. When we arrived at the Jorgensen's home, the antique cars all parked in the back yard paved driveway. The moderns parked on the street: was that punishment for not driving their T. Ivan & Sara prepared a marvelous lunch of pulled pork, pasta salads, rolls, chips, condiments and even Veggie burgers for the vegetarians. Joining us there were Maria & Peder Jorgensen who helped out with the meal, and Alberta Jorgensen and her daughter Thea. The food & atmosphere for the lunch was wonderful. Joining also was President Barbara Beach who showed up in her Model T.

Dessert was supposed to be at a third location, but Nancy & Lynn Alens got COVID, and had to bow out. So, Nikkie asked Maryann & Grover Steele to do the dessert and they agreed. Then Grover fell and they both got COVID. What was Nikkie going to do? She called Sara and told her about the dilemma, and Sara had the perfect answer. Cora & Arlo wanted to do the dessert in the first place, and now they were going to get to do it. They were very happy, and did a great job with brownies, ice cream and other goodies.

So, all in all we ended up with 11 cars, 7 Model Ts, 1 32 Ford, 1 Model A, and 2 moderns. Pat Meneely gave out 4 25-mile patches to Bob Beamon, Bill Bratt, Dan Gulko and Chris Bhirdo. There were 29 people present and I want to thank Nikkie and Dan for doing a GREAT job planning the event and seeing that it all went well. And by the time we ended the tour the sun was out and it was a beautiful day.

Lucy Greenberg

Appetizer: Oliver, Larry & Vicky Johnson
1 3 6
8 7
7 5

Main Dish: Ivan & Sara Jorgensen

Dessert : Arlo & Cora Jorgensen


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