Mystery Tour
November 2022

Six T's (Beach, Bhirdo, O. Johnson, T Johnson, Lukash, and Meneely), one A (Beaman), and two moderns (Larsen and Steele) met at Rancho Shopping Center in Los Altos, fifteen people total. Our route and destinations were revealed and away we went, except for Bob Beaman who was felled by a flat tire and Troed who stayed back to help. The group wound through the hills to a rest stop at Portola Valley town center, and then proceeded through the tree tunnels of Woodside to Woodside Store (dates from the 1850's). We filled their parking lot to capacity, and went in and enjoyed the artifacts displayed there. By good old cell phone, we kept track of our wayward two cars and agreed to meet at the lunch destination, which was the Dutch Goose in Menlo Park. Service was quick, food was good, I can vouch for the pastrami sandwich. Stuffed to the gills, we all headed for home. I might add, this was also a really good fall leaves tour, just a little bonus thrown in.

Bob Meenely

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Photos provided by Dan Gulko