Tour to Al Engel's Collection in Richmond, CA
Saturday, March 18, 2023

54 people traveled to Al Engel’s Collection in Richmond, CA. Al greeted us as we arrived and offered coffee and donuts. We then proceeded to the first double-room building housing many 30s, 40s, and 50 classic automobiles, early engines, Indy race cars, real airplanes, model airplanes, memorabilia and much more.

Hanging on the wall was a real gondola from Venice.

One of the docents was John Allen who rebuilt several engines on display and lives and works in the South Bay.

We then took a short bus ride (some walked) to four more buildings. The first of the 4 buildings housed more race cars, a few Model Ts, Model T speedsters, military vehicles, a tractor and more memorabilia. The next building contained motorcycles, scooters, and bumper cars. In the third building we saw more vintage cars including a Rolls Royce. Moving on to the next building where we saw a collection of rare boats and early motorboat engines.

Al's collection is amazing with something to capture everyone's interest. One could have spent much more time there. We were fortunate to be able to visit it.

Allan Greenberg

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For additional photos provided by Allan Greenberg, click here.